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School, church, sport and Club fundraising

Since 1979

the spirit sleeve

"...are you ready to creat a FRENZY?! This could be your school..."

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van wyk gourmet popcorn Summertime special $10 varieties

" sizzlin', savory and sweet summertime specials that are gluten free, MSG free and GMO free snacks..."


"...choose any two gift items for just $10.."

CARAMELS for A Cause

"...old fashioned caramels including sea salt, vanilla cream, caramel apple and more..."

art in nature

"...all of the flowers for your spring gardening projects!..."

great gifts

"...a wide array of gifts that are sure to please...!"

van wyk gourmet popcorn $10 varieties

" scrumptious varieties including cheddar cheese, classic caramel, caramel fudge with peanuts, white fudge with almonds and three more sure to please..."

van wyk gourmet popcorn $10 varieties

" scrumptious varieties including Cheddar Cheese, Classic Caramel, Caramel Fudge Peanut, White Fudge with Almonds and three more are sure to please..." 


the magazine store

"...with so many magazines to choose from, there's something for the whole family! Order for yourself or give as a gift to a friend..."

welcome spring! 2019

"...a prestigious array of gift ideas suitable for everyone in your life!..."

chocolate bunny

"...a solid milk chocolate bunny! Happy Easter!!.."